Ride the wave of wellness with your Ombakkayu balanceboard

Live in balance

The secret of well-being lies in the balance

Ombakkayu is mind and body, corporal awareness through your mind thanks to the balanceboard. You have to take care and look after yourself, mind, heart and body. Whether you are a regular athlete or a beginner, you can train with Ombakkayu at your own pace, on your own wave.

Ombakkayu balanceboards - Wooden Waves
Ombakkayu balanceboard - Wooden Waves
Ombakkayu balance boards - Wooden Waves

Our boards and rollers

Ombakkayu balance board - Wooden Waves


Our balanceboards are made of multi-layered birch wood. This is a warm, high quality raw material with incredible qualities: flexibility, lightness and strength, capable of supporting up to 150 kg.

All our boards are hand carved and carefully studied to be versatile and adaptable to any exercise on your Ombakkayu.

Ombakkayu rollers - Wooden Waves


After many tests and several production and engineering attempts, we have succeeded in creating the Ombakkayu cylinder, a strong and stable cork cylinder that absorbs impact and will give you security and stability at all times.

The qualities of this material make it easy to use your Ombakkayu where and how you want without using a mat.

We are free souls, passionate about the world. We have chosen wood for its essence and personality. But we also love the sea, the sky and the freedom of the blue, putting our feet on the sand of the beach, on the ground, firm and secure, while the yellow rays of sunshine flood us.

With Ombakkayu and our balance boards we transport you to the Mediterranean balance of the Costa Brava.

Get your Ombakkayu Balanceboard!

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