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Ombakkayu Original

Ombakkayu original

Your Ombakkayu in its original size, measuring 73×34 cm and a rollerball with a diameter of 13 cm. It is our most versatile board, ideal for everyone.

Ombakkayu ToGo

Ombakkayu To Go

Ombakkayu To Go maintains the safety bumpers but reduces its size from 68x29cm to 69x29cm and a cylinder of 30/35x11cm.

Ombakkayu 360° B&W frontal

Ombakkayu 360º

Ombakkayu 360° is designed to perform exercises in a 360 degree range of motion, replacing the cork cylinder with a recycled rubber ball.

Ombakkayu Kids

Ombakkayu Kids

Ombakkayu Kids is designed for the little ones. Same size as the Ombakkayu ToGo but without safety stops and a 6 cm cylinder.

Rollers Ombakkayu

Rollers Ombakkayu

The Ombakkayu cylinder is a strong and stable cork cylinder that absorbs impact, giving you safety and stability at all times.

Accesorios Ombakkayu

Ombakkayu Accessories

Discover our accessories for your home, for the beach, for the garden… Always inspired by the Ombakkayu balanceboards!

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