Our Balance Board

Made from the heart, hand-carved by hand

All our balance board are made from multi-layered birch wood A warm, high-quality raw material with incredible qualities: flexible, light and strong enough to support up to 150 kg in weight.

All our balance boards are handcrafted with the same shape; a shape designed and created to be versatile and to allow any type of exercise on your Ombakkayu.

Without limits!

Types of Ombakkayu Balance Board

Ombakkayu Original

Ombakkayu Original

Ombakkayu is the original size, perfectly sized and with its integrated bumpers, it is one of the most versatile balance boards on the market and can be used by everyone.

With its 73×34 cm board and a 13cm diameter rollerball, the whole family can enjoy balancing with Ombakkayu.


Get your Ombakkayu balance board!

Ombakkayu ToGo

Ombakkayu To Go

Ombakkayu To Go maintains the safety stops but reduces the size of both the board and the cylinder, so that while being able to flow in balance with the same reactivity, you can enjoy Ombakkayu To Go wherever you want.

Ombakkayu To Go is designed to be taken anywhere, as it fits in a backpack. It measures from 68x29cm to 69x29cm of board with a cylinder of 11 cm in diameter that gives you the same sensations as Ombakkayu Original but in a reduced size.

Recommended for adventurers who want to take Ombakkayu everywhere.
Not recommended for people over 1.85m tall.

Ombakkayu Kids

Ombakkayu Kids

Ombakkayu Kids is designed for the youngest members of the family. It is a board of the same size as the Ombakkayu To Go the cylinder is only 6 cm in diameter and allows them to make movements, but they will easily touch the ends of the board on the ground, so they will work on their sense of balance but without doing tricks.

This board is designed for toddlers and is comparable to the curved balance board or Montessori board. From 4 or 5 years of age this same board could be used by replacing the 6 cm cylinder with the Ombakkayu To Go cylinder and thus begin to work on their skills and little by little their best tricks.

(Always use under adult supervision).

Ombakkayu 360° B&W frontal

Ombakkayu 360º

Ombakkayu 360° is a balance board also made of high quality birch wood, designed for exercises in a 360-degree range of motion.

This balance board is a different story… Instead of a cork cylinder you can play with a recycled rubber ball that will lead to more reactive and dynamic movements.

Ombakkayu 360º has a closed safety system on the underside so that the ball does not escape and you can improve your movements and tricks without the risk of falling.

Recommended for those who have already mastered Ombakkayu Original and Ombakkayu To Go.

The Ombakkayu Roller

Ombakkayu - Wooden Waves

Our cylinders

The Ombakkayu cylinder is a strong and stable cork cylinder that absorbs the impact and will give you security and stability at all times. The density for all our cylinders is 250kg/m3 regardless of size.

  • Ombakkayu Cylinder: 13x40cm
  • Ombakkayu ToGo Cylinder : 10x35cm
  • Ombakkayu Kids Cylinder : 6x35cm
  • Ombakkayu 360º recycled rubber ball: 8cm diameter.

The qualities of these materials make it easy to use your Ombakkayu where and how you want without the need to use a mat.


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