Ombakkayu kids

The ideal board for the little ones or for those who are just starting out in the Ombakkayu world, thanks to its 6cm diameter cylinder, which minimises the difficulty.


Ombakkayu kids

Like all our Ombakkayu, the new Ombakkayu Kids is made of multi-layered birch wood.

Ombakkayu Kids is the perfect board for the bravest kids who want to get started in the world of balance boarding. Our balance board is accompanied by a cork cylinder of 6 centimetres in diameter, minimising its difficulty, as the smaller the cylinder, the smaller the range of movement and the lower the height from the ground.

We recommend the use of Ombakkayu Kids for children from 3 years old or for people who are just starting out in the world of Ombakkayu.


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